The Vision, goal and activities of Project Feed the Children regarding the care of orphaned and vulnerable children in our communities, is also in keeping with the vision of the National Action Plan for Orphans and Other Children. The National action plan defines orphaned and vulnerable children as follows:↓

 “An orphan is defined as a child under the age of 18 years whose mother, father or both biological parents have died. The South African Child Gauge 2008/09 states that the total number of orphans in South Africa totals approximately 3.7 million, which equates to 20% of South Africa’s children.”

“A vulnerable child is defined as any child under the age of 18 years whose survival, care, protection or development may be compromised due to a particular condition, situation or circumstance that prevents fulfillment of his or her rights.”

About Project Feed the Children.

Project Feed the Children is a Non-Profit Organisation run by permanent team members and volunteers from different backgrounds, with a common goal to care for, teach, and feed, children in the informal and rural settlements of Benoni, Gauteng; Delmas, Mpumalanga; Port Shepstone and Mashiwa, KZN.

We have established Community Centres within 2 of these settlements; feed primarily at a school in another; and provide finances for food, kitchen and ECD necessities, as well as building materials to another 2 entities.

At the kitchens we prepare and serve 2x nutritious hot meals at 8.30 am and 12pm, to our ECD children as well as many street children, who do not want to be a part of our ECD programme, on a daily basis.This equates to an average of 14000 plates of food a month, for the four areas of operation.

Two plates of food supplied daily to pensioners.

An average of 28 Food parcels are distributed to families, per week, in Cloverdene; 4 food parcels per week in Emaphupheni; and 31 food parcels per month, to widows in Mashiwa.

We also supply sandwiches on a daily basis at 3pm, to the Cloverdene and Mashiwa campuses. Emaphupheni campus will be following shortly.

We assist, financially, to the Merlewood Crèche in Port Shepstone, with monthly contributions toward food for the kids.

As we ascertain the welfare needs of the community, clothes, blankets and food parcels are handed to children and families in need.  We rely on donations to meet these needs.

The Cloverdene and Emaphupheni campuses provide counselling to children, mothers and young adults, within the settlements.

To date, employment has been created for 16 residents within 3x settlements as managers; cooks; maintenance; ECD teachers, and pastors.Pre-school teachers’ training is provided and paid for, by us, through Unisa.

The tents are used for Sunday services, Sunday school, weddings, community meetings, as well as our training centre for empowerment and basic skills training for young parents.

The vegetable gardens are maintained by a community member, who assists the ECD classes to grow their own vegetables for their families.

In the community centres we have established, built and planted the following:

  • Tents for church and Sunday schools
  • Corrugated/steel prefabs for ECD classes and kitchens (We are not allowed to construct brick/mortar buildings in these informal settlements, although we have permission from the local councils to lay concrete flooring)
  • A fully operational book library within a shipping container, at the one settlement
  • A toy library
  • ECD Vegetable Gardens
  • Empowerment classes for young adults
  • Certificate training through Unisa, for ECD teachers