objectives for 2015 through 2017

To continue with the counselling for abused and traumatised victims in Cloverdene and Emaphupheni.

To train up a second pastor to assist at Cloverdene.

To maintain the growth of the churches and Sunday schools within the Cloverdene and Emaphupheni settlements.

To train 4 new ECD teachers through Unisa’s ECD training programme

To maintain employment of the existing 22 people within the project’s 4 campuses, with the vision of creating more employment for teachers, cooks and pastors/counsellors through growth and expansion to other areas.

To Employ a further 6 people from within the 2 settlements as ECD teachers and cooks.

To create additional educational and social excursions for the children, such as the Zoo’s; Planetarium; cave sites; other schools; and organisations that will be holding sponsorship days.

To register the ECD programme with the correct authorities.

To maintain the feeding programme at all campuses.

To maintain all campuses, and the growth thereof, whilst there is a vision of planting more projects in other informal and rural settlements.

To maintain the food, blanket and clothing parcel programme on a weekly to monthly basis.

To maintain and refocus on the empowerment training programmes in Cloverdene and Emaphupheni, with the vision of implementing the training at new sites, as well as KZN.